Once your vows have been said, the cake has been eaten, and the dancing done, most of what you spent your wedding budget on will be gone – except for your photography. Your photos will likely live on for years, in albums and on the walls of your home.

Which is why choosing a photographer is one of the most critical decisions you will make in your wedding planning process. Before you begin your search for the perfect person to capture your day, Toronto-based wedding photographer Kim Lovell suggests couples consider, and decide upon, three key things.

3 key considerations

1- Budget.

Professional wedding photography in Toronto starts at about $1500 and goes upwards from there, according to Kim. Many factors will influence the cost, including the number of hours you wish to have your photographer (see #2), and any extras such as engagement photos, albums, and prints.

Selecting your wedding photographer

2- Coverage.

Do you want someone there for a few hours, or the entire day? For larger, more traditional weddings, couples typically opt for a full-day, and often those having a smaller wedding will want just a few hours. The choice is yours, but nailing this down is important.

3- Style.

Wedding photography has historically been mostly portrait-style. But about five years ago, there was a strong trend towards a more photojournalistic approach. Kim recommends – and shoots – a combination of both styles. “That way, you capture the moments of the day, but also have meaningful family and group photos. Weddings are, after all, one of the only times that extended families are all together in one place – it’s a unique opportunity.”Thinking through the above considerations will help ensure you head down the right track once you start the search for your perfect photographer. In our next post, we’ll cover off how to find and choose the right photographer for your big day. Click here to read the second part of our photography series: How to find and choose the right photographer for your wedding

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